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The double heart necklace and its Frida Kahlo inspiration

Today I'm introducing you a new necklace available in shop: the double heart necklace in brass.

The necklace represents two anatomycal hearts, inspired by the human anatomy, overlapped one on another.

I particularly love this necklace, and how the two hearts look together, forming one bigger heart.

This piece came to life at the beginning of 2017, thanks to a special request of a customer.

She asked me a necklace with two hearts linked to each other, inspired by a painting by the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, titled "The two Fridas".

Frida Kahlo, "The two Fridas"

I liked the challenge a lot: I designed the two hearts overlapped and linked, and the customer loved it!

That's why I decided, an year later, to add this double heart necklace in my Anatomy collection.

You can choose the gemstone you prefer among these ones in the picture:

1. Green aventurine

2. Antique rose pink jade

3. Freshwater pearls

4. Moonstone

5. Red bamboo coral

6. Blue iolite

7. Navy blue lapis lazuli

8. Black onyx (not shown: similar in shape and dimension to the pink jade)

Choose your favorite color and gemstone!


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